• As of Sunday, 11 July 2021; those who have not been fully vaccinated are required to wear face masks in worship and in the building.
  • As of 1 August:  per the most recent case outbreaks in Middle TN, masks for all inside are highly recommended.
  • When children are present who have not been vaccinated, all worshippers are encouraged to put on masks for their safety.
  • The sanctuary continues to have a section reserved for those who wish to maintain social distancing.  (Remember, no reservations needed!  Just attend on Sundays!)
  • Those with symptoms of COVID, who have been exposed to others with COVID, are awaiting test results of or currently have COVID; are to refrain from attending HPC ministries in person.  
  • 2 worship volunteers requested for in person worship: one as Greeter and one doorkeeper.  Please help in one of these two needed roles by contacting the church office. 
  • Livestreaming is always available for those remaining at home. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or go to to join us for worship.  Contact Pastor Jule or Clerk of Session Cynthia Palmer with questions.

We hope current measures will allow all worshippers to remain safe and know they are fully welcome for in person worship!  THANK YOU so much for your continued love and care of one another and all who you meet!  Your faithful discipleship continues to be a great inspiration!!!