12 April 2021

If you’ve not been around in person lately, you may not recognize the people in these photos!  Along with the adjustments to our life together during COVID, comes new faces!  New ministry needs.  And new ways to be as we continue to blend. 

A Little Sanctuary Spring Sprucing!

Maybe because it’s spring and the glory of Easter worship still lingers in my heart.  I have been uplifted so much these past weeks by seeing a few more regular HPC faces in person.  I have been encouraged by the passion and commitment of those joining with the HPC family amid long months of HPC being apart.  I have hope we all shall be together again in person – one of these days and hopefully not that much longer from now! 

I know each of our lives and patterns have changed during this Safer at Home season.  Part of what has been impacted by such ministry adjustments is the space in which we worship.  We’ve been wanting to make a more welcoming space for those who attend in wheelchairs, while also ensuring it’s possible to see all the action well both on livestream and in person.  We’re excited about more people giving in person worship a try as more of us are vaccinated and feeling a bit more secure venturing out.  (We hope that will continue with more HPCers when the time is right for you and your family!)  We also need to adjust to be sure those worshipping online can see when those worshipping in person stand up to sing! 

You’ll see the sanctuary modifications made in the photos here and when you tune in via livestream or show up in person!  We hope it all improves our ability to connect more deeply with God and each other!  And, we’re excited we now have a place to sit in the hallway right outside Community Room 2 – which will be a welcoming enhancement when our community groups begin meeting in person again and when the day comes for our new community partner Nashville Ballet to have parents waiting as their little ones dance! 

I miss you each day as I fondly remember moments shared in the past and concerns you are carrying now.  I hope you are finding joy as this season of Eastertide unfolds!  Remember it lasts 50 days so be sure to keep on finding ways to celebrate New Life here and now and forevermore!!! 

Blessings for this week!

Pastor Jule

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