24 March 2021

Continue going deeper this Lent with this resource from Pastor Jule for conversation with a Spiritual Friend or for Individual Spiritual Reflection.
Blessings on the Lenten journey! 
Peace, Pastor Jule

“The fullness of joy is to behold God in all.” ~ Julian of Norwich

“When you honor and accept the divine image within yourself, you cannot help but see it in everybody else too, and you know it is just as undeserved and unmerited as it is in you.  That is why you stop judging, and that is how you start loving unconditionally – and without asking whether someone is worthy or not.” (Richard Rohr, The Naked Now)

1.  Where do you readily behold God?  In other words:  where do you easily see the Spirit of God living?

2.  Is it easy for you to honor and accept the divine image within yourself?  If so, how do you honor and accept it?  If not, what is blocking that? 

3.  How are you doing at not judging and loving unconditionally?  What might help you deepen that ability?

TO GET INTO IT ANOTHER WAY (for individual reflection):

Julian was talking about the whole creation:  ourselves, others, the whole world.  Create a collage (or make a list) of where you behold God.  Before taking up questions 1-3, spend some time in quiet reflection upon your collage or list. 

OR:  make a list of all the ways you believe you are undeserving.  In another column, make a list of all that is good and honorable in you that is to be celebrated.  Bring both lists before God in a time of confession and thanksgiving.  Listen for God’s word to you through this time.

FOR ACTION (for individual reflection):

Commit to one week of honoring and accepting the divine image in yourself and all things.  Each morning, spend 30 seconds looking at yourself in the mirror as you repeat the phrase:  “I reflect God’s image.”  Every time you walk past a mirror, repeat that phrase to yourself.  Throughout the day, greet each person or setting with the phrase:  “You too reflect God’s image.”  At the end of the week, note what insights have come to you from this exercise.

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