For those looking for a way to go deeper this Lent, here is a resource for conversation with a Spiritual Friend or for Individual Spiritual Reflection. Welcome to the Lenten journey! (For further instructions, click here to read Pastor’s Perspective from 10 February 2021 entitled: Following this Lent.)

Peace, Pastor Jule

“Our spiritual journeys require companions.” 

~ Thomas Hawkins

1.  Describe your spiritual journey so far.  Is there a metaphor that best would define it & why?  If it were a book, what title would you give it and why?

2.  Share one time when you felt God most present to you on your journey.  Or share one time when you felt God least present to you on your journey. 

3.  Who were companions to you on that part of the journey?

4.  Who are your most life-giving companions now and what makes them so?  If you are missing this in your life right now, what biblical character or other Christian saint would be a life-giving companion for you for this part of your spiritual journey; why?

TO GET INTO IT ANOTHER WAY (for individual reflection):

-Create a portrait, collage, or written account of your spiritual journey.  Remember to include your companions.

FOR ACTION (for individual reflection):          

-Show a sign of gratitude for one of your spiritual companions.  Simply call them or write them a note to let them know you value their companionship on your journey.

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