A prayer I love and keep close goes like this:

Life is short, and we do not have too much time 
to gladden the hearts of those who travel the way with us.
So be swift to love
and make haste to be kind;
and may the Divine Mystery,
who is beyond our ability to know,
but who made us
and who loves us, 
and who travels the way with us,
Bless you and keep you in peace.

I no longer remember the source, but believe it came from a great Celtic Christian prayer book.  

I wonder how our lives would change for the better if we internalized these words.

I wonder how we would greet each morning with such a prayer forming on our lips as soon as we peeked open our eyes to begin a new day with all the unknows yet to come.

I wonder what life in our homes would be like if we prayed such each day — whether we live all by ourselves, with beloved animal companions, or in a house overflowing with people each having their own life perspectives, moods, and personality compositions. 

I wonder what would change in the Hillwood-West Meade community and in every neighborhood in which each of us live if every Hillwood Presbyterian member and friend made it the primary focus of our days to be swift to love and to make haste to be kind.  

Life is difficult right now — more difficult for some than for others, but tough for most in so many different ways.  And yet, we do not have too much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel the way with us — pandemic or not, election year or not, continued social unrest or not.  

No matter what’s going on for you right now, consider joining the entire Hillwood PC congregation in living the words of the beloved prayer each day.  If it’s been easy for you to keep at it all throughout these weeks, THANK YOU!!!  If it’s been tough, please try.  If you are at your wits end and need a place to rest, please reach out with as much hope and love that you can muster — trusting you will receive the same!   Maybe even click here for a few refreshing reminders of how much you are cherished! (Read them all at once, or use one a day to help you get through.  Better yet:  turn off the TV, put down the device, set some boundaries around the constant demands of working from home or working as an essential worker amid CoVid, and meditate on the words found in the above link!!)

May the Divine Mystery who is beyond our ability to know, but who made us and loves us and travels the way WITH us; keep us all in peace.

Pastor Jule


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