As the heat of August sets in, I wonder how you are doing at keeping not just your body, but also your soul quenched.  Here are a few questions to gnaw upon as you keep cool this week! 

  • How have you experienced the love of God in this past week? 
  • Where has God unexpectedly showed up to surprise you with grace? 
  • Which lives around you are better off today because of how you have lived your life this week? 
  • What do you need today to be refilled for the rest of this week — laughter?  Compassion (with your self first; then those right next to you second)?  Rest?  The challenge of something new?  Quiet?  An act of generosity?  All of the above?  Once you know, ask yourself:  What will you do to ensure you get refilled?

As faithful stewards of God’s gift of life, keep yourself well this week!  AND:  If you are having trouble keeping your soul quenched, please reach out!  Call me.  Text your care elder.  Email a spiritual friend who can offer the space you need.  It takes a village to get through a pandemic.  Even if you remain shelter at home, do not try to go these days alone!!!

May peace surround and exude from you every step!

Pastor Jule


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