Nonviolent Communication Class to be held at Hillwood PCUSA

ONGO Flyer

Beginning 12 September, a new group working with daily practices in mindfulness, nonviolent communication, and more will be held in Community Room 1 of Hillwood Presbyterian Church.  Sessions will run from 12 September to 12 December 2019 on Thursdays from 6:30 until 8 p.m. With questions, click here to contact leader Carlene Robinson at carlene@carlenerobinson.com.  To register to attend, click here:  www.carlenerobinson.com.   

NOTE:  Carlene Robinson is a Certified Trainer With The Center For Nonviolent Communication.  She is eager to work with those of Hillwood Presbyterian Church and the surrounding community who participate in these Thursday sessions!     Nonviolence, Gandhi maintains, is not a list of tactics, it’s the spirit behind the action. Can a protester who is doing nonviolence according to a list of tactics alone actually be violent in their acts? Yes, they can be. To avoid this dilemma, we must ask: Was the act intended to harm an opponent? Was it intended to alienate someone? Was it done out of fear instead of courage? Or did it strive to maintain the dignity of all parties involved? These questions are not easy to answer. They require some minor self-knowledge, a lot of major introspection and the cultivation of that difficult trait of humility to admit when we’ve made an error.

To truly see nonviolence at work in the human being, we will have to learn to direct our attention below the surface to what’s really going on inside our hearts and minds.